Unique Modern Architecture

With the variety of modern materials available today, architecture undoubtedly has no bounds. There are some genuinely unique houses to admire. This blog takes readers on a journey around the world with inspirational images and in-depth articles on the most innovative properties.

Experts in the architecture industry discuss their favorite houses and offer insight into design features, such as using clean lines, open floor layouts, and geometric shapes. Interested visitors will discover the background to award-winning houses that showcase exceptional, cutting-edge ideas.

Comments are always welcome, and readers are encouraged to submit their own photographs and drawings.

Innovative Construction Materials

9 Feb 2023

There are a number of innovative construction materials derived from natural, sustainable resources as well as some that are recycled. Modern building construction now addresses the need for sustainability as well as reducing and recycling waste. For example, plastic bricks made from recycled plastic with sand are actually stronger and lighter than concrete.

How Architecture Is Influenced By Basic Geometrical Shapes

26 Dec 2022

Basic geometrical shapes influence architecture with the square/rectangle being the easiest to work with, and having the least amount of waste. Triangles have strength and stability. Circular designed buildings use less materials, have better ventilation and better energy efficiency than other shapes.

Clean Lines - What Does It Mean?

14 Nov 2022

There are two types of lines in house design - curvilinear and rectangular linear. Rectangular linear are the clean lines that architects talk about. They are straight lines with no adornment and can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Each type of line conveys different emotions such as comfort, power or energy.

Open Floor Layouts and Why You Should Have Them

4 Oct 2022

Open concept homes are much sought after, and for good reasons. Open floor layouts give a feeling of freedom. Owners decide how much of an area will be used for particular purposes. Small spaces will seem larger and the whole house is easier to move around in.